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I'm sure youll still be op era
Yup they nerfed it, I can't even use AW with my T16 gear on
no more 30sec CD on WIngs
[Still in testing.] Tier-16 set bonuses no longer work for level 100 Holy Paladins. - looks like imma get hit with the nerf bat.
I think i have an addiction, I just wanna raid and kill bosses.
You do not have access to shout

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[RA] Genvezax Raid OfficerM Y T H I CYES! YES! YESSSS!!!! Finally I will have the space I need and deserve. Fellow hoarders (Kate...), UNITE!
Patch 6.0.2 Preview - User Interface
Articles and forums with game news and raiding strategies.
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Auchindoun Dungeon, Mage Tier 6 Recolor, Warlords Features, ...
The OP appears to be a copy/paste from a forum reply on MMO-Champion, which is unfortunate as almost everything listed is just incorrect, if not intentionally misleading. Reading i...
[RA] Genvezax Raid OfficerM Y T H I C  You can tell the Dev in charge of answering these questions was getting really pissed really quick. LOL
Mog   Yeah I saw that post on the WoW forums and read what the guys said and yeah the guy was totally trolling. I can understand why the Dev got frustrated lol.
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