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sorry about yesterday guys the storm knocked out my power but how did the raid go
Be ready thursday! We fully plan to still run 25 man SoO with some heroic content. Come with your flasks, pots and knowledge of the fights!
I will update the site tonight. Also adding some posts for strats and some DK stuff for SoO.
i would but my sparkles are gone :(
SOmeone should update our progression thingy to the right.... we are now heroic progression.
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Genvezax BOOT CAMPI would also, in light of the guild kicking into full gear, propose that we get our group (or any group) together and finish off what is left for kills (See Sidebar). While I can't guarantee if I will be free this week for it, how does H-HoF sound for next week? Anyone?
Genvezax BOOT CAMP  10 man* to be specific.
Plaguae   created a new thread Fridays: World Boss Mount Farm? in the Public Forums forum
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