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Logs for Thursday are posted!
Logs for Sunday posted!
Might be a few minutes late tonight.
Might be half hour late or so but I will be on tonight.
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Genvezax BOOT CAMPYES! YES! YESSSS!!!! Finally I will have the space I need and deserve. Fellow hoarders (Kate...), UNITE!
Patch 6.0.2 Preview - User Interface
Articles and forums with game news and raiding strategies.
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Auchindoun Dungeon, Mage Tier 6 Recolor, Warlords Features, ...
The OP appears to be a copy/paste from a forum reply on MMO-Champion, which is unfortunate as almost everything listed is just incorrect, if not intentionally misleading. Reading i...
Genvezax BOOT CAMP  You can tell the Dev in charge of answering these questions was getting really pissed really quick. LOL
Mog   Yeah I saw that post on the WoW forums and read what the guys said and yeah the guy was totally trolling. I can understand why the Dev got frustrated lol.
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